Step 1: Love
[Love Yourself]

Love Yourself

Starting a health journey might seem confusing. That's why we are here. Don't go it alone. The best way to love and take care of yourself is by educating yourself on how to do it. We will help you decipher the vast amount of information out there so you can use it to take care of yourself and your family.

Learn about the ingredients in foods that you love that will love you back. Nutrition is key in taking care of yourself and we are here to help you apply it to your life. The science might be tricky, but you'll get a good understanding on how a less processed nutrition plan and life style can put you on the path to lasting wellness.

That includes emotional wellness, knowledge of what your individual body needs, and hitting your optimum weight and health.

Step 2: Lean
[Eat Lean]

Lean Recipes

Food is at the heart of health. What you eat is what becomes you. And it's not about being perfect, it's just about making better choices. 

We know there's a lot of confusing information out there shouting "eat me I'm healthy," but with so much contradictory information it can be overwhelming. 

We believe in plants. Lots of them. Quality in gets quality out. And we make fun, delicious, easy (we are not Julia Childs - but we will quote her) recipes for you to get you to your goals. Do more than just eat; cook and get healthy.

"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate."

-Julia Childs

Step 3: Life
[Embrace Healthy Lifestyle Habits]

Life Style

True health is a lifestyle. If you're tired of the calorie counting, self hatred, macro stuffing, and the cycle of jumping new diet to new diet, then you're where we were. We broke free of the traps being pushed on us and found our freedom from "fitness."

Three things we use: Effortless eating, Meaningful movement, and Self love. These are the basics of a happy, healthy, love filled life.  

Living less processed brings a lovely life. We don't believe life is about what you own. It's about loving yourself and treating yourself right. Sometimes less is more, and we want to help you simplify and get to what really matter. You don't have to live in a yurt and knit you're own clothes to live less processed (although you can if you judgement here), you just need to get down to what really matters. 

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