2nd Trimester Twin Pregnancy Update – The Biggest Changes!

I wanted to make a pregnancy update for how the second trimester is going for me!

Update at the 27-week mark: The biggest change happening is my growing giant belly. Also, not able to fit into some of my maternity clothes. Because I could go all the way to 38 weeks let’s hope there will be something left for me to wear. 

Uneven twin baby bump

Another big change is how my baby bump looks. In the beginning, it was nice and rounded, very symmetrical. Now it feels like the babies have flipped over each other [update: after our ultrasound, they are both heads down still, just very wiggly]. 

One feels like it is laying across the other. They are always moving and one will pop out on one side or the other one will stick their butt out and the other side of my stomach will stick out. It’s really freaking but kind of cool at the same time. With all the movement my bump will change shape at all hours of the day and look different and even different days of the week. 

Last week my bump was heavier on the right, but this week it is heavier on the top left. At least we know they are moving around!

Back on Solid Foods

The second biggest change from the first trimester is a lot less nausea. I was doing good until about 2 weeks ago when nausea started to hit a little bit again. I had taken a flight home for my baby shower and the last week and a half after that nausea reared back up. I started feeling like I was just going to throw up all the time.

Luckily we are back on track with the not nausea train being 24/7. This means that I am also back to eating a way more balanced diet than I was before. I was basically living on gluten-free cracks, apple sauce, orange juice, and oranges.

Those were mostly the only foods that I could keep down. I was on a mostly non-solid diet when my stomach was really upset. I could occasionally stomach some greek yogurt.

With my stomach feeling better with not much nausea at all, except that one random bout, I have been able to add back in greens, greek yogurt, hummus. These were all things I was craving and wanting to eat. I have also been able to add back in eggs which has been great.

Less Nausea and More Kicks

The third thing that has changed in the second trimester is how I feel overall. Without all of the nausea and constant sickness, I have more energy throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong, I still crash at about 6 or 7 o’clock so I’m still trying to be in bed by 8. I still have been feeling so much better, even if I’m still dog tired at the end of the day. 

I have also have been feeling the twins move! It’s such a big difference from the first trimester where you know the babies are in there, you know there are two in there, but now you can actually feel two babies moving. I can feel them kicking and turning over. 

This has been so special and really fun. So I have really been enjoying that. One of them has an extremely hard kick. Maybe it’s both of them that have given me a kick to my ribs a couple of times. That I haven’t appreciated as much. But I’m still happy they are in there, stretching out and being healthy, happy babies inside of my belly.

It’s cool that during this time we really get to feel them. Towards the end of the pregnancy when they run out of room they may not move a lot so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can and not be mad when they wake me up at 5 in the morning kicking or keeping me awake up till 11 at night with their gymnastics. I’m definitely enjoying this part of pregnancy.


Twin Baby Shower and Hospital Bag

The last biggest thing we are doing in the second trimester is preparing. We had our baby shower, we have our crib set up, and narrowing down what we have left to get. 

I have no start packing my hospital bag yet. I know we are getting within 2-3 weeks of when it should be packed. 

If anyone wants to comment below what should be in the hospital bag, any necessities they wouldn’t go without I would appreciate it. I don’t know what to pack!

The only things I can think of right now is a robe and some diapers. I really don’t know what people packed in their twin hospital bag. I am bringing essential oils and a diffuser. I think I will also try to bring the Twin Z Nursing Pillow so they can help me learn to nurse two babies at the same time using it as support. 

I also will bring clothes to go home in and some clothes for the twins to wear home too. But I didn’t know if I should bring my breast pump to the hospital or the bottles. I will be packing the bag in the next few weeks just to be on the safe side.

Nesting and Packing

So I’m just feeling like I’m doing a lot of nesting. I have the new blackout curtains up and everything that doesn’t belong in out. I have an empty dresser in there for all of their clothes to be stored in and the shelves to be put up for their books. 

We are so close to having a totally set up nursery and I cannot wait to share it with you. Once everything is in place we will do a full nursery tour. So that’s all the stuff we have been doing to prepare. We are so close to a setup nursery and just need a packed hospital bag.

Bumpdates and Baby weights

Trimester two has been amazing. It makes me feel like I have fallen in love with this part of being pregnant (not so much the first trimester) but I am really enjoying this. I’m also thankful that I am pretty mobile and doing exercise. I know as the bump grows that may change but right now I am ok. 

I also want to drop in a photo here of my bump. I have been doing bumpdates on Instagram and you can see them in my highlights on @love.lean.life where I’m saving them all together. At our 24 week appointment, I was measuring about 32 weeks [update: at our 27-week appointment I was measuring 36-37 week]. We also have a growth scan soon to see how big the boys are measuring. 

I know in the last trimester I’ll be seeing the doctor almost every week so I’m just trying to enjoy the downtime now with all these feel-good feelings.

I do see how people can fall in love with being pregnancy if this was their experience from trimester 1-3. 

Check back in my next pregnancy update blog where I’ll share our growth check-up and how I’m doing in the 3rd trimester.