7 Ways to Stay Heathy at a Desk Job

So many people ask how to stay active if you have a desk job. I have the same problem since I’m desk bound all day. I have so many tips below for staying active at work. But first I want to address that sometimes, due to work demand that keeps me tied to typing all day, it’s just not enough so I looked for a exercise option in my seat. I’m doing a review of the desk cycle because it’s an amazing way to keep active if you are every feeling chained to the desk all day.

I started searching on Amazon because I really wanted to see the reviews and how they worked in an office setting. There were a few things I was looking for specifically.

What to look for in a desk exercise bike:

  1. A Quiet Cycle – I didn’t want a loud churning sound coming from my desk out of respect for my coworkers who would have to hear it. I also didn’t want to be distracting and have people wondering what the heck I was doing all the time.
  2. Non-slip – After ready some reviews I saw that you can anchor some cycles to your chair or desk but I didn’t find that to be very convenient due to the fact that I would have to untether it each time I wanted to use it. That wouldn’t make getting in and out of my chair that convenient. I wanted a cycle that was heavy enough that it wouldn’t travel across the floor when I was using it.
  3. Angled for comfort – I have long legs and didn’t want to worry about hitting my knees on my desk or having to push my chair our further (inconvenient for typing) to make sure it did make my knees uncomfortable.

After doing a ton of review reading I chose the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser. Don’t let the name throw you off! It fit all my criteria and more.

Best Features of the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike:

  1. Low and angled perfect – This bike is the lowest of the ones I’ve found at only 10” tall and it fit perfectly under the desk without my knees hitting the top. Also because the height is perfect, it also works in front of a chair or couch without you knees up your nose.
  2. Heavy – This unit is quite anchored when using it because it’s weighted well and doesn’t move around. This might not be an issue when your sitting at a desk against a wall, but if you have a desk that faces out into a room, then this is an awesome feature with no anchor needed. I also found this amazing for in front of the couch because it’s a lot harder to find an anchor there and it works well while watching TV or movies too.
  3. Quiet – This is so quiet I think with normal office noise levels no one would know you are using it.
  4. Clear Display – This wasn’t something I even thought about when first looking, but once it was on it, it became a great motivator on getting more time on the bike in. You can keep track of how much your doing each day which makes setting goals for activity easier.
  5. Resistance Levels – This was another thing I didn’t think about initially but this model comes with 8 resistance levels and can really keep things challenging for you.

Overall I would give this a 5 out of 5 review. This is just so convenient for those who are tied to a corded phone or typing all day. I know that it can be hard to move around at a desk job.

Here are some other tips I use to keep active at my desk.

  1. Set a timer – Use your fitness watch to remind yourself to move. Most models have a buzzer that tells you to move each hour.
  2. Use calls to walk – If you have a wireless headset and a little space to walk around, take calls where you don’t need your desk to get a few steps in.
  3. Stand – If you don’t have the space to walk around on calls you can just stand and take the call. It will change your blood flow and will still be better than sitting.
  4. Use 10 minutes of your lunch – Use your lunch and breaks to take a brisk walk. If you don’t have access or the weather for an outside walk, take the stairs up and down for 10 minutes instead. It’s not as scenic but it will keep the blood flowing!
  5. Park further away/take the stairs – This has been said over and over but every step helps each day.
  6. Desk cycle – These are convenient ways to get the blood pumping and you can do it right at your desk.
  7. Use bandsThese simple exercise bands can be looped around ankles, knees or thighs or just your arms right at your desk. You can use small movements for a few minutes at a time to get blood flowing and your heart pumping if you have to stay seated.

I hope you found all of this useful. I keep track of my steps each day and just these few tips help get in significantly more. Remember, it might not be much but every step counts! Plus, if you have something else besides a Desk Cycle that helps you at the office, please leave it in the comments below and let us know what helps you stay active in your chair!