A Better Fragrance

There are so many times that I debated giving up on fragrances. I know that seems silly, but knowing that your skin absorbs so much of what you put onto it, made me look into what was in my perfumes. Unfortunately the lists of ingredients were mostly unrecognizable to me and after just a little bit of googling what they were, I couldn’t be sure that everything was completely safe for me.

But, I love smelling nice. And unfortunately I did not want to just throw out all of the years of fragrance bottles I had accumulated. So what to do? Well a gift from a friend last year changed it all. She bought me a small glass roller ball vile of a blend of essential oils that gave off a scent just as beautiful as the perfumes filling my cabinets in my bathroom.

Well I used it. I used every last drop of it. And, I love it. I ended up going back to where she purchased it and buying another fragrance as well. The company was using therapeutic grade oils and only oil in the mix so I didn’t have to worry about any mystery ingredients.

But that wasn’t the last of my research. I first stumbled across oils after a doctor, who writes about nutrition and everyday health, wrote a well researching

article on the benefits of essential oils

and his own experience with them. I was about to brush over the article with out reading, partly because he doesn’t usually write about this and also because I was only concerned about oils from a fragrance perspective, but something drew me back. His entire article was scientifically backed so I decided to bite.

I’m so happy I did. I learned all about essential oils and what other health benefits they had. I was directed to the oils he used but first did a little more research on the brands. An article written by a wellness mama guru, 7 blogs long, really dived into the companies and their quality.

The last article

pointed me to

Rocky Mountain Oils

, and through her research and some more of my own, I decided to go with them for all of my essential oils. They had the best quality, a lot of organic oils and the best price as well.

I am quickly running through my first big box I ordered. Having a diffuser has made my house small amazing as well as made some of the oils quicker to use at night instead of mixing them with other carrier oils and applying them right to my body.

I am also looking for good book on essential oils. If anyone knows one, then please share. I would like to start mixing the different oils in the diffuser.

So try them for yourself! I’m sure after reading the article you might be intrigued as well. It’s been worth the research and using them has been such a pleasant experience. And of course, the whole reason this started, I’m loving the fragrance aspect of it. So much nicer than even most of my perfumes! But I didn’t waste any of the old perfumes I had. I just spray them on the outside of my jackets. These never rub against my skin and still let me us the fragrances I bought as not to waste them.

Here’s to helping you, Live Life Lean.