My Story –

Growing up I was also skinny, always the “skinny one.” I always felt insecure about myself for being so skinny, but it was what everyone always was wishing to be so I tried to deal with it. I ate well at home because we grew up on a farm and my parents didn’t buy much junk food. In high school I spent most of my time outside of the house, becoming increasingly addicted to soda, junk food, and fast food. But while all of my friends started dieting, I didn’t see a difference in how I looked so I kept eating that way through college. In college I watched girls on my cheerleading team do two hours of cardio, but I only did the bare minimum of gym time required by our coach. I just didn’t see the need because I was still very thin.

I continued to eat like that until my mid-twenties with barley more than ten pounds in ten years to show. I wasn’t worried about my health. It wasn’t until I was at the doctors, for another round of strep throat that I was asked about how I felt and about my diet. It was then that I divulged that not only did I constantly feel drained of energy, my allergies were at an all time high, and I was constantly fighting sickness and acne, but that I was eating fast food three times a day. My doctor quickly informed me of the dangerous fat that can form around your organs due to poor diet, even if you don’t gain huge amounts of weight and show it on the outside.

I knew I had to change my diet and I was tired of feeling terrible constantly. In the first few years I tried a variety of diets, vegan/vegetarian/rawtill4/paleo, and they all were such a struggle for me. And through out it all, I actually ended up gaining more weight from all the diet changing and failing and rebounding back to my old ways. I felt like I was doomed to calorie counting and never eating certain foods again.

Then I found unprocessed eating and realized that the was a way to get healthy without constant stress. After just one month, I lost the weight without even realizing it. It was simple and from there I continued to read and understand the power of whole foods, and a less processed diet. 

Now I strive to continue learning and applying the principles of whole foods and unprocessed living as much as I can. I believe there is no one “right diet” for anyone and that everyone thrives differently. But I do believe that one principle that holds true across all diets is that whole, natural foods are the best for you and can make any diet one that you thrive on. 

A few simple food rules I like to follow are:
1. Eat whole foods as often as you can, eat food that as processed as little as possible
2. Not everyone thrives on dairy, some do and not everyone thrives on wheat, find out what works for you
3. Vegetables are the givers of life, the word literally steams from “giver of life” so learn to like them
4. You don’t have to eat “perfect,” to be healthy, there are ways to still enjoy cake and live a happy, healthy, life

My Misson

What am I doing on this blog? We let’s see…

I started a blogspot blog back a few years ago to share stuff with people who also were looking for health answers just like I was. And along the way I have learned and changed so much! When I discovered my passion of eating healthy and unprocessed, as well as intuitive eating, it became simple for me to get more involved in sharing my message. That’s why I finally decided to get serious and create Love Lean Life. 

My mission is to share all I know and continue to learn and reach millions of people and help them find their unique diet that allows them to love themselves, stay lean, and enjoy life. 

Love yourself, stay lean, enjoy life. 



I specifically focus on women’s healthy because in my own journey I found I was super influenced by fitness jargon “tailored” towards me as a female. I want to make true health accessible for every woman, without all the confusion and crap that is out there. I love empowering women and helping them take back control of their heath, and keep control of it. Because one empowered woman, can empower their families, their partners, their kids, their friends, the people around them and even others they may not know. To me that is a successful, healthy life. And I strive to help you get there too.

Simple. Real Health for Real Life.