Chickpea Hoison Stir Fry and Rice Pasta with Marinara

Here is a peek at the dinners from this week. For me the simplicity of these dishes really makes dinner something I look forward to. Often I meal prep on Sundays, just to make sure I have time to make more complicated dishes because I don’t have time on weeknights to simmer chili for 5 hours.

One great tip: save your more complicated meals for the weekends or your days off. It makes cooking them more enjoyable and less of a rushed hassle. And, if you like those dinners for the week, meal prep them on Sunday. Examples of great weekend meal prep dishes: Chili, Slow cooker recipes – unless you don’t mind leaving them when you are at work, Stews, and Roasts.

What are you favorite meals to prep on your days off?

Dish 1 – Mongolian Chickpea Stir Fry

Dish 2 – Quinoa/Rice Pasta and Marinara and Greek Yogurt