Detoxing Honey Lemon Tea

Everyone gets that tickle in their throat or that annoying sneeze that not only won’t go away, but seems to always be followed by an annoying cold. Or maybe the stress of your week is catching up to you and now you’re feeling run down, which can also lead to being sick. Being sick always puts a damper on working out or ever eating right. But there are a few things that can boost your immune system and help you fight off a feeling under the weather.

First things first. When you feel like you are getting sick or feeling run down the first thing is to make sure what you are putting into your body isn’t taking away from your immune system when it should be fighting a virus. Put down the processed foods, they only make your body work harder to get rid of all the junk that they are made of. Alcohol is the same. Even the smallest amount can make your body work harder to fight off sickness. And of course, what everyone always tells you, get some sleep! It’s so important for your body to heal itself.

Then make yourself a hot cup of the detoxing and healing tea.


Tea of your choice (My favorite right now is Tropical Green Tea)

Honey, Raw and Unfiltered

1/2 Lemon squeezed

Put 1 tbs. of honey into the bottom of a mug and pour boiling water over it. Then squeeze half of a lemon into the mug and enjoy. This toasty drink should warm your insides and sooth you.