Different Belly Fats and Taking a Closer Look

Here is a great article on belly fat and the risks involved with having each type fat. I was very excited about this article because I was informed of a more dangerous belly fat even in people who were not overweight and started looking around for more information. Take a look! 

here is the original link:

http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletters/Harvard_Womens_Health_Watch/2010/August/taking-aim-at-belly-fatSome interesting information in the article is the two types of fat that they look at. I never knew there was more than one. Of course this hits at home because I at one point had an expanding waist line and was staying around the same weight. Visceral fat was the culprit due to bad diet but I had no understanding of it. Of course a visit to the doctors verified my bad diet was the cause and then of course I started doing some research!

Here’s a chart from the article explaining where these types of fats tend to stay.

Where’s the fat?

illustration of abdomen showing visceral and subcutaneous fat
The article also goes into the risks of visceral fat and then of course how to do a basic check on yourself. The last sections of the article explain how visceral fat can lead or contribute to other disease and the importance of shedding the fat and keeping it off. Enjoy this article!