What is a love, lean lifestyle?


A love lean lifestyle incorporates self love, lean eating, movement and a lifestyle that supports long term health and wellness.


What does lean living mean?


Living lean means understanding what puts excess in our lives that we don’t want: weight, stress, problems and leaning them out through habits that support wellness and health. That include leaning out things such as excessive eating that leads to weight gain by learning to intuitively eat and move in ways that you enjoy. Also leaning out your budget to get rid of excessive debt and leaning out your house if you’re feeling overwhelmed by excessive amounts of junk piling up. We have all been there, and we have guides for helping you lean out these areas for a happier, healthier, lovelier life.


How to get lean with workouts?


We are not body builder, or in that fitness space. While we celebrate women who pursue that, we know there are a lot of women trying to get fit outside of that space that are looking for a lean look without intense workouts. We built a membership program with workouts that challenge your body without spiking cortisol for that lean and sexy look our community is looking for. Our workouts are all designed by a former NFL cheerleader who has a B.S. in Exercise Science and specializes in fat loss and hormone health. Together these ensure we are bringing you the best workouts for women who are trying to lose weight, stay at a weight, and stay healthy.


What do I eat to get lean?


Eating to get lean is simple when you start understanding and listening to your body and how it responds to food. Everyone’s body is different. We know most people thrive off veggies, lots of unprocessed foods, and the versions of food closest to nature. We also know that treats and meals out as well as alcohol can have a balanced place in life when you’re able to listen to your body and understand have to incorporate them once in awhile.


What is a lean life diet?


A lean life diet focuses on intuitive eating and whole foods. This means understanding the right portion sizes for your body, listening to your hunger signals and learning what foods work with your body to help you shed excess weight and keep it off with these eating habits.


How can a woman get lean fast?

One of the first things a woman can do to get lean fast is to understand how foods are affecting her body and see what works and doesn’t work for her. A good starting point is to pinpoint what you’re actually eating and try and take out all the processed foods and replace them with a whole foods version. This will give you a starting point to figure out what foods work for you and what don’t. Often switching to less processed versions of foods immediately leans out the body for removing excess sodium, chemicals, preservatives, flavorings, colorings and dyes.


Can you get lean in 10 days?


Through the process of substituting in more whole foods for your processed foods you can see results in just 10 days.


What is the Lean Lifestyle Membership Program?


We designed a program that is 100% in tune with living a loving, lean lifestyle and doing it with a coach and lots of support from others in the program! Seeing the horrible yo-yo diets and fad dieting effects on people’s lives told us that we needed to support people in getting out of the terrible cycles and back into a healthy lifestyle. After being in the vicious cycle for so long of bad diets that don’t work, it’s often hard to get back to listening to your body and living balanced so that’s where our membership program comes in. You can work with a coach to help you


What are the lean workouts?


Lean workouts are the workouts inside the membership program that we have designed by our coach who’s not just a Exercise Science PT but also a fat loss specialist, holistic nutritionist and hormone coach that knows how to work with your body, not against it for fat loss. Getting a lean figure is perfect for any body type as it will compliment your shape and get rid of excess fat that you don’t want. Lean doesn’t mean too skinny or without curves, it just means emphasising your shape and losing excess fat.


What is the lean diet?


The lean diet is eating more veggies, leaner, cleaner foods and listening to your body for it’s true hunger signals. We provide plenty of recipes to incorporate into your life to help you enjoy the foods you love in the healthiest way possible. When you eat more whole foods you lose the excess weight your body holds onto from processed foods, chemicals, dyes, flavoring and preservatives. Processed foods mess with your hunger signals and mess with how you body works, so learning to work around them and lean them out of your diet will help you stay lean in an effortless way.


How does self love help you get lean for life?


When you start loving yourself more, you take better care of yourself. It’s like anything else that is important to you in your life whether it be your kids, pets, spouse, friends, family, cherished heirloom, if you love it, you take care of it. We tend to care for those around us, but forget to take care of ourselves. It becomes worse when we our self esteem is crushed and we talk negatively to ourselves, we then feel bad and don’t love ourselves like we should and begin to let ourselves go thinking we don’t deserve to be taken care of. So focusing on the


Can I lose weight with intuitive eating?


Absolutely, if you’re holding onto excess fat and weight from overeating due to not know the right portions for yourself, eating foods that don’t agree with your body, processed foods that mess with your liver and other fat burning organs, eating due to emotions instead of hunger, or bloated from chemicals from foods, then you will lose these when eating a lean diet and intuitively eating. We don’t do fads, yo-yo or crash dieting so we won’t promise 10,20 or 30 lbs in a month, but we can promise you will learn the habits that will help you lose the weight and get to your optimal weight over time that you will actually be able to keep off with these life habits.


Can I stay lean with intuitive eating?


Part of learning to intuitively eat is learning your hunger signals and being able to understand them, listen to them, and eat how your body wants you to. It’s a life long habit you build and if you learn to listen, this skill will keep you at your optimal body weight effortlessly.


How do I add meaningful movement for a lean body?


Meaningful movement is finding the types of movement and exercise that you really love and enjoy. Yes that means cleaning the gutters, attic, and gardening. That means if you like yoga and swimming or you’re a running, these are all right for you. If you enjoy lifting that’s awesome and if you don’t then that’s cool too. Finding ways that are enjoyable to you to move is what makes it meaningful and that’s how you’ll keep a lean body. Some people just enjoy walking. Just moving is healthy, we will help you find a way to make it fun.