How To Beat Bloating

Bloating is a fact of life. You get a period. You ate food that didn’t digest well. Somehow you consumed 7 days worth of sodium in one meal. It happens. But suffering with an uncomfortable pressure is a sign that you might need to remedy the issue.

So here is an amazing list of foods that really do help with beating the bloat. Personally these are the things that work best for me. I have tried over the years to eat foods to help alleviate bloat according to what other people found helpful. In doing so, I found some worked for me and some did not. In fact, some worked for certain types of bloat better than others. So here is what I found worked best for each situation.

Period Bloat

Bananas (they make that time of the month way more bearable when I have one a day consistently), spinach, and blueberries.

I experimented with eating a banana every single day for 2 months. I found that my period cramps those two months were much less painful than they had been in the past. I stopped having a banana consistantly to test if things went back to normal on my next period, and it did. So I am confident that when I eat a banana everyday it hleps with my period.

It’s also easy to get in spinach and blueberries with a banana because that’s my favorite shake to make and I have one a few times a week. But blueberries are easy to add to a fruit salad, oatmeal or a bowl of greek yogurt. Spinach is also great when cooking down a pasta sauce or any sauce to go with a meal for added nutrition.

Digestion Bloat

Spinach, herbal tea, dandelion, and citrus.

To get in more spinach I prefer to put it into my smoothies. I add about 1-2 cups to a green shake and blend it all together. Another good way to add it to meals is to mix it into a salad. I tend to used far less, maybe 1/2 cup, when using it in salads. You can also add dandilion to your salads but it’s not a flavor that I love so I tend to go easy on that as well.

To add in citrus I lean toward juicing lemons. Drinking a warm lemon water in the morning is about all I need to get my digestion going in the am. A second glass of warm lemon water is also great mid day if I’m struggling with digestive bloat.

You can get dandelion tea and herbal teas at almost every grocery store now. I also have purchased it online to get more variety if my store is out or running low. Both can be brewed and sipped throughout the day to help with digestive upset or feeling backed up.

Sodium Bloat

Celery, melon, broccoli and cabbage (I prefer brussel sprouts). Celery was eaisert for me to consume with my juicer. I am not a fan of just crunching through celery for a snack that often so juicing was a better option for me.

Broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts were good sides for most of my dinners. I like to toss them in olive oil and garlic and roast them or sautee them on the stove. I prefer mine a little on the crispy side and that’s how I get them in when I need to.

I found these out through trial and error. When I have digestion bloating, broccoli doesn’t help me much, so you might find that not all of these work the same for you. But herbal teas really, really do. Especially dandelion tea. So you should really, time the time, to see what works for you because everyone is different. But these foods are notorious for helping bloating, so it’s worth testing out for yourself.

Let us know, what helps you beat the bloat?