How to Discreetly Wear the Elvie Pump

Is there a meeting or a place you have to be at work when you really need to pump? Are you wanting to use time like grocery shopping or running errands to multitask and also pump? Then a wearable pump is a perfect way to do all of these things and still pump on the go.

Because these pumps add a considerable amount of bulk to your breasts, some women may shy away from wearing them in public. No one wants to feel like they are sticking out like a sore thumb looking like you’re playing dress-up with your mom’s bra stuffed with a roll of paper towels. So what can you do?

I have the Elvie wearable pump and know several moms who have either the Elvie pump or the Willow wearable breast pumps and want to share all the tips and tricks we use to wear the pumps without feeling like our pumps are on display. While I’m proud of pumping and know that no one at work is usually the wiser, or even cares, I still like to feel that my pumps are discreet, because hey, that’s why I got them in the first place! Try out some of these options for wearing the pumps as comfortably and discreetly as you’d like.

Avoid tight-fitting tops

While these pumps sit directly in front of your breast and are not as visible from a front-on angle, the side angle will look a lot different if you’re wearing tight-fitting clothes. The added size will be magnified if you’re wearing a tight top. Instead, opt for a loose-fitting, flowing top that doesn’t hug the pumps and works to blend the shape.

Also, clingy fabrics, while not tight-fitting, might still hug your body and make the pumps more obvious when you’re wearing them. This usually happens to me when I’m wearing tops that don’t have a second lining and are made of silkier fabrics.

Some of the best tops that I found were loose and chunky sweaters, roomy cotton button-downs, and shirts that gather in some way at the bottom. The popular tops that tie in front at the bottom create a billowy top that is great to offset the added bulk in the chest from the pumps.

Wear opaque clothing

Sheer clothing is not a great fit for wearing the Elvie. The pumps have a small light around the pause/play button so anything sheer will show the lights. There is nothing more annoying than worrying about having actual headlights on your headlights.

Even though the new Elvie updates allow you to dim the light, it does not turn it off so make sure to wear non-see through clothing.

Another trick is to layer a dark colored tank top under any shirt and that will keep the lights from showing through. It also makes the Elvie pumps feel more secure on your body when you move around a lot.

Wear dark clothing

Dark colors work best for hiding the lights on the Elvie. Some suggestions are black, navy, rich jewel tones, and even patterns that help hide the lines and lights if the clothing shows the pumps at all. Dark clothing also helps the Elvie pump read the milk flow better too according to their website.

Busy patterns are especially good at taking way the focus on the pumps because busy patterns hide just about anything. Also, textured clothing helps hide the pumps as well. Think sweaters with chunky knits or even naturally textured clothing like linen.

Pay attention to your neckline

One thing I learned the hard way was that the neckline of a roomy v-neck can look great before the pumps are not in and almost downright scandalous when the pumps are on. The volume created a much deeper v-neck than I intended and the pumps were visible under the plunging neckline.

Choose a neckline that will still sit against the chest with the pumps in and you’ll avoid them peeking through the top of your shirt. However, if you have a shirt that you love to wear and you’re afraid the pumps could push out the neckline and show, there are a few tricks I use to still conceal the pumps.

Use scarves and cardigans

During the winter this trick works the best out of all the options in concealing the Elvie pumps under my clothes. In cold weather, wearing a light scarf indoors is not odd at all and even makes a very fashionable accessory and helps to keep my normally freezing self warm.

My favorite way to discreetly wear the Elvie pumps is to stay warm and layer with an oversized cardigan, duster, or wrap. These all make great, easy pieces to layer and can be drawn over the chest so that the Elvie practically disappears.

My favorite options for the winter are oversized cardigans and wrap sweater shawls. In the summer, lace dusters and patterned wraps make lighter and convenient layers to tote along.

Use the app to control the pumps

While the pumps are able to be controlled by the buttons that are physically on them, to discreetly turn them on and off or adjust the suction and mode, you can just use your app. By putting the pumps on and then going into a meeting or working at your desk while pumping, you’ll be able to start, stop, and adjust your pumping session without having to reach into your clothes.

You’ll want to put the pumps on beforehand and use the app to turn them on when you are ready. I tend to use this method when I have a meeting to be in for less than an hour and also need to pump. I put them on right before I go in, start them, turn them off when finished, and take them off immediately following the meeting.

Or if the meeting runs super long, I excuse myself to the bathroom and take them off and drop the milk into a cold spot. That’s usually a company fridge or a little cold lunch bag I bring with me. I don’t like to leave the pumps on for very long after I’m done pumping because it doesn’t give the breast the ability to dry off after. So just be conscious of time with the pumps after you’re finished.

At home, I like to just hit the button so I don’t have to hold my phone the whole time. But while I’m in a meeting or working around other people I can have the pumps already on and adjust the session and turn it off when I’m done all from my phone.

Carry a multipurpose handbag

Instead of carrying an entire pumping bag with me, I found a larger versatile handbag that I put a small insulated sleeve in and the tops to the pump reservoirs. This also draws less attention to the fact that I’m walking around with pumps.

My pump bag tends to be great to leave in the office or car but if I’m carrying my pumps into a meeting or need a place to put them after I pump, a large discreet handbag works great. Your Elvie pumps come with two small bags you can put them in once you’re done pumping and you can use the caps that come with your pumps to seal them up so they don’t leak.

A small insulated sleeve can help keep your breast milk from getting too warm. I used my insulated baby bottle sleeve to store reservoirs. If you’re worried about any milk getting on the inside of the bag you can always bring a gallon size Ziploc bag to put everything in.

There are so many ways to wear your Elvie pump that makes it as discreet as you need it to be. Small tips and tricks can make the Elvie comfortable and easy to wear. Try out a scarf or an oversized cardigan and see what works for you. Often, just one of these tricks can help you wear the Elvie Pumps confidently. Different things will work on different body types and it can just take a few tweaks to turn any outfit into the perfect wearable pumping outfit. What are the ways you wear your Elvie?