How to Stock Up [Cheaply] On Quality Essential Oils

Buying essential oils isn’t always cheap. At our health food store they tend to go on sale here and there. I usually miss it. So when I wanted to get serious about diffusing oils everyday, I knew I would have to build up a good stash of them.

Don’t get me wrong. They do last FOREVER it seems. But there are oils for different times of day, day, mood and ailment and I wanted to have a well stocked arsenal of them.

Cheap Essential Oils Online

When I found Rocky Mountain Oils I knew their quality would be a standard that I could not pass up. I trusted them and so I decided to build my oils stash from there. They were actually cheaper (but better tested and quality than anything I was seeing!) than some of the top oil companies. After doing some research I realized it was because they are a direct to customer brand.

To save money on oils, avoid going through a MLM company that has to pay a rep in between you and the oil sale to the company. While it’s a great way to spread the word, they have to charge more to be able to pay for the downline of sales reps the created.

I found the same oils I was looking at through those companies for $10-20 less per bottle!

Shop Essential Oil Bundles

Most companies have “starter” bundles that help you get a good variety of oils for a specific need. For example they have wellness bundles that would include aches and pains oils, cold and flu oils, and respiratory oils. They usually have a variety of bundles that include cleaning oils, sleeping oils and skin, hair and nail oils.

The best part of these starter packs is that it gives you 4-5 oils that are very basic and easy to use. They also discount them to help you try more oils. I started by buying 2 started packs through Rocky Mountain Oils.

Buy Essential Oils at Holiday Sales

Almost every company runs big sales over large holidays. This includes Black Friday, Labor Day, 4th of July, and 12 Days of Christmas. You’d be surprised how many holiday sales companies run each year.

I like to look for bundle deal then as well. They are already a good price for buying “in bulk” and often are discounted even lower.

Look for Oils that are Seasonal

Oil companies that you find often have oils that are blended for just a certain time of year. Holiday scents and Summer oils are always popular, but remember to check back right after the season is over. Often the oils are heavily discounted to move them and make room in inventory for the next seasonal items.

Individual Oil Sales

Because new oils are being blended or a company wants you to try a certain one, you can find deals like 30-50% off just one oil they are pushing. This is the time to try new oils to see if they are something you want to add to your collection. I have found so many amazing oils through one time deals like this.

While each month they feature new oils and discounts, there are always bundles that save you money when you buy the oils as a set.

See their current bundle discounts!*