Local Spotlight: Modern Market

Local Spotlight: Modern Market

The quality of food can be tasted in every dish. Everything is handcrafted and fresh. Everything is sourced as locally as possible and Modern Market strives to bring the local taste and freshness out in every one of their dishes.

 Merida Salad Merida Salad

Modern market’s three big sellers are pizza, grain bowls and their loaded salads. I want to let you know right now, all salads pictured here are the ½ salads! They are more than enough for one person, but if your super hungry or want to share a full could be great too.

The pizza is fresh, loaded with veggies, and the flavor combinations are amazing. I first tried the pesto garden pizza and my mind was blown. It had zucchini and squash on it! Who would have thought that squash would be good on pizza? Thank goodness they thought of it, because it works!

 1/2 size pizza 1/2 size pizza

The pizzas also come in two sizes, half and whole. The half, again is perfect for a personal size, and the whole is great to share. They are also very generous with the toppings and have a nice crispy crust that isn’t doughy.

 Thai Coconut Salad Thai Coconut Salad

The salads are all topped heavily with veggies and other fun toppings like nuts and pickled onions. The dressings are fresh and my favorite so far is the Raspberry Chia. This is a low-cal and very tart dressing. I swapped it out on my Flatiron Salad and the result was perfection. Grilled steak and a tart salad dressing was the perfect combination.

 Flatiron Salad Flatiron Salad

We made it in time for happy hour, which let me tell you, is one of the best deals in that area. Wine is only $3 a glass and draft beer is $4. Those are great prices with the quality of food you get to sit and enjoy.

 $3 glasses of wine and $4 draft beers for Happy Hour with my friends $3 glasses of wine and $4 draft beers for Happy Hour with my friends

While you’re there try the lemonade and the teas. The lemonades are fresh and not syrupy sweet. They are tart, light and refreshing. The flavors we got to try were carrot, which I know sounds odd but works, and a cucumber lemonade. Their unsweetened teas were fresh as well and had great flavor.

I want to stop and rave about two more things. The service. The people there are awesome. They check on you and make sure everything you have you love. I find that at lunch counters sometimes that old time good service can be lost and it becomes a set yourself and help yourself kind of place, but not here. Every time I’ve been the staff has been attentive and so accommodating!

 Gluten free cookies Gluten free cookies

And don’t forget dessert. We grabbed two of their gluten free options for cookies and ended up enjoying 3 cookies. They are soft and chewy. You wouldn’t know they were gluten free if they hadn’t told you. Plus, they aren’t a monstrous dessert and you can enjoy one after you meal without going overboard on the sweets.

If you’re in the area, check out this healthy food hotspot. They have misted patio seating out front that’s gated and a perfect place to have the kids. Plus, they have a huge window room to sit and soak up the sunshine out back. The whole restaurant screams local, healthy, delicious fun for anyone looking to eat better when out enjoying dinner or just on the run.