My Night Time Routine: Acne Face Care Update

Stress relief is important to your health. In fact I find that after a long day, I look forward more to my wind-down nightly routine than I do to my bed.

I either take a shower and throw salts and oils in the bottom so they steam up, or I run a back quick.

I start with some silky natural soaps. I love these because they turn into these pretty open flowers in the water. That metal holder is for a book and I just love to read or listen to podcasts in the tub.

Also while the bath is running I take the time to put in my essential oils. My top picts are from Rocky Mountain Oils:

1. Lavendar

2. Grapefruit

3. Chamomile

And finally a few extras like bath bombs and bath salts that I like to mix and match. Again we are looking for ones that use natural essential oils. I used epson salts with these essential oils. Epson salts are good for helping sore and tired muscles. After a long day on your feet (or your butt) or even working out, the salts really help with soreness.

All in all if you don’t have the 30 minutes to take a bath you can still take a relaxing shower by plugging the bottom and adding oils and salts as they will steam up and surround you as you shower.

I have tried a lot of things. Most of them sad fails when it comes to acne. For two reasons.

  1. Acne in my life comes from hormones, food, and stress. So combating it from the outside is only 1/2 of the battle.
  2. Most products promise a lot, and deliver a little. I’ve even had acne products make it worse due to the ingredients and quality of the product.

So when I hear about juice beauty I decided I wanted to try it. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Juice Beauty and I purchased these on my own after friends recommended looking into it, a sales associate explained it, and I did a little research myself.

I liked the fact that it was all natural and free of a lot of the worry some ingredients in most face cleaners, serums and moisturizers. I’ll link a list of ingredients I try to avoid here for makeup and here for body products. I wrote this blog if you’re interested in the chemicals we use that might be harming you, head over there and take a look.


This Juice Beauty sampler pack was the perfect size for trying a whole line of products and how they work together.

My favorite product is the Moisturizer. It made my skin so soft and it smelled nice, and over all, I felt like I saw so much change in the dry patches on my face. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with combination skin. It also didn’t aggravate my oily skin.

The face wash was also a good product, except one thing: the smell. I found that the smell threw me off a lot when I first used it. I just didn’t like the way my face smelled after using it if I didn’t put on the moisturizer right after. My fiance even asked why my face smelled like pee once! Other than that the cleanser worked really well, didn’t strip all the oils off my face and it still felt clean. I also like that it lathered up a little.

The serum was another odd smelling product and I am still unsure of how much it works. I think using to much of it can have the opposite effect and dry out the skin too much, so I have cut back on the amount I put on and am waiting to see how that helps.

**update: after using less, only on the very spots that needed it, this product worked better and I would recommend it if you find spot treatments too harsh on your face.**

The face peel was great and I’ve used it in the bathtub while soaking as a great face mask. I love the way my skin feels after and this little tube lasted forever so I’ll probably get this again even though I don’t think it’s necessary to get the results from the kit.

The last product I reviewed was the little face pads. (Not included in the kit but I got them anyways because I love face wipes.) These were the ones I had the highest hopes on and found that I liked the least. I still have over half of the tub of them. They are very dry, have very little product on them and are hard to apply to your face because the tiny pad is so flimsy you basically have to just press it all over your entire face to get it on there. I won’t be buying this one again.

Overall the sample kit proved to be worth the money. I love the way it made my skin feel. I think paired with diet changes this is a great kit for acne prone skin. It requires regular use and not over doing the products. I think you could see great results with just the face wash, moisturizer, and the serum. The face mask is a great bonus and for those of you who love masks, this is a no brainer.

Last Updated: 04/28/18 – I am still using Juice Beauty cleansing Products and have paired it with the Clarisonic Mia Fit face cleansing brush.

If you want a deeper clean I suggest you try this brush. My cousin got me hooked and I love it. In the morning I use either the Boots Organic facial cleaning lotion or my Clarins gentle cleanser.

Also, I find it difficult to wash my face deeply with my nose ring in and this brush cleans around it perfectly without having to take it out.

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