Organic Bedding: Make Your Nest Healthier

I had the pleasure of discovering a little gem here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nest bedding is tucked away right next to the busy Fashion Square Mall. But it it’s a calm and relaxing environment the second you take a step in the door.

Want to know what a restful night’s sleep looks like? They have fully set up bedroom spaces that make you want to lay down and take a nap. From mattresses to sheets, anyone looking for a revamp to a healthier bedroom set needs to look no further.

There are several types of mattresses. While a good portion are organic, the ones that are not are green certified. This means you can see the materials and all of the regulations on what is used to create their amazing bedding line.

But the best part, outside of their wide organic bedroom set offerings, is the “cooling” collection. This is a set of sheets, pillows and cases that keep your body cooler through the night. Getting a good night’s rest means bringing your body temperature down and keeping it lower thought the night.

The moment I pressed my hand into the pillow, I knew I had to have it. The pillow, despite being in a temped store, was ice cold to the touch! My husband loves to sleep with the house like a refrigerator so I knew that this would be right up his alley.

I ended up getting the regular pillow built for back and stomach sleeper, although they offer a special shaped pillow for side sleepers to accommodate your shoulders and neck better. Both offer the ice cold touch feel, and keep your body temp down through sleep.

They also offer a set of sheets that do that same. They have bamboo sheets available for those who are looking to go an ecofriendly path with their bedding. These sheets are so silky that it feels like your touching a soft kitten.

My favorite part of the whole store was the baby mattresses. While searching for potential nursey cribs and bedding for next year, I have started looking around to find as many options for organic baby bedding as possible. Unfortunately, the search has left me with very little hope of finding an all organic baby set. Until now! I cannot wait to come back to get our baby mattress here and feel good that we can go all organic!

Now I know I’m not even pregnant yet, but I feel I’m already in the Nesting phase and love to plan so what been find than Nest Bedding! When we finally start working on the nursery, I will be filling you in on all of the stuff we end up from the store.

Even better is that for a while we have talked about getting a new mattress in general but haven’t come across any that caught our eye. I always see these beds arriving in boxed, and while that cool, I am more of a lay on it in the store kind of girl to be sure. Our current mattress has a 3-inch memory foam topper on it for comfort, but if you’ve bought one lately, you know they smell very strong like the chemicals they are treated with. To get off that mattress will be a blessing.

I’ll be taking my husband back to check them out with me so we can get an idea of a mattress that fits the both of us.

Don’t forget about the pet friendly beds either. Soft and supportive, they can help your animal save pressure on their joins with their billowy pet bed offerings. They have a few options and I’m tempted to measure our St. Bernard to see if she would fit on any of them. If you’re going to keep you whole family healthy, don’t forget about the pets!

I don’t want to leave you without telling you about the price point either. I was expecting to pay quite a premium for our pillow and eventually all of the bedding. But instead I was shocked that not only are their prices not super high, they are competitive to cheaper non-organic mattresses on the market!

I am so thrilled to find a company bringing healthier lifestyle products to market, going organic, and doing so at a very competitive price point.

Anyone looking to make the organic change in their mattress or bedding should look up Nest Bedding and experience what they have to offer. I know there are stores in more than Arizona and will link the website below.

I’ll keep you updated on the bedding switch process. After spending a few weeks with the cool pillow, we are in love. I’ll have to get another so I don’t have to fight Matt to sleep on it. And I’ll bring you along for the mattress shopping and of course in the future for the nursery set up!

Have you already tried organic or bamboo bedding…if so, what did you think?! Leave a comment below and let me know!

P.S. How cute are those pajamas?!