Our Twin Conception Story

I wanted to do a blog about our pregnancy journey from conceiving and finding out we are having twins!

Deciding We Were Ready to Start Trying

So my husband and I had been together for about four years and it’s been amazing. And we’ve both wanted children, so we had talked about trying to have kids this year.

I came off of birth control in the fall, around October, and I had been on it for about 14 years. So the beginning of our pregnancy journey I was waiting to have full menstrual three cycles before trying to conceive, which put us in about December.

So I came off birth control and waited for the cycles just to build like the uterus lining back up. I had already met with my doctor and we were on Prenatal vitamins and folic acid just to make sure everything was alright. I also had my blood levels tested to make every, made sure everything looked good. But in December when we were going to start trying, I actually had two cycles and they were very close together. I want to say that they were only about 14 days apart.

Tracking Ovulation

At that point, I was trying to track my ovulation so that really threw us off. I was like “that doesn’t look right.” I thought I was going to be ovulating at the 14-day mark but I actually got my second period in December and so I was just like, “okay, December’s a wash.”

In January I was traveling a lot. It was also my birthday and I figured that it was probably not going to be the best to really start tracking again. For tracking, I was using an app and I was also using a thermometer for a little while. But the thermometer was obnoxious, so I stopped using that and just use an app. The app just estimated between when your last period was and then when you were going to be ovulating. Around my birthday when I was home, we were just weren’t trying too hard because of how off my cycle was. We were just like once we have a regular period in January, we’ll just track it again and go from there.

Feeling Off

About two weeks later though, maybe less than two weeks later, I started feeling very weird and off and I was bloated. I felt like I was having trouble eating stuff and felt a little more tired than usual. After about three days where I kind of felt like out of my own body, like I was like, “who am I?! This a really odd feeling.” I tracked my cycle so that I knew I was about five days before my missed period. I went and got an early detection pregnancy test but I knew that those could have like a 50/50 chance of being accurate when it’s that far out. I also knew that it can be very faint, but even a faint line means we’re pregnant. So I was like, well at least maybe I’ll know when I’ll take another one in a day or two.

Taking a Pregnancy Test

So when my husband was at work, I uh, took the pregnancy test and within seconds it was bright pink. The second line showed up and it was just like “pregnant.” I took another one afterward cause it was unexpected for January. It happened and I felt like a lot of it happened because we weren’t really trying.

I was like, “wow, like I maybe I was really relaxed.” I thought I was going to be really stressed out. And then I called my doctor and we made an appointment for about when I was eight weeks. It was booked for the Saturday that I turned eight weeks exactly.

My doctor is so amazing and actually has Saturday hours one time a month. It is the best thing ever. So I always scheduled our appointments then. I went the next couple of weeks to my Zumba classes like normal and I was eating really healthy. I was having salad and protein at every meal and eating really balanced.

Early Morning Sickness

So I’m focusing on eating healthy and getting my greens in, and then about two weeks after finding out I’m pregnant I was still able to do this. I did a couple of Zumba classes and a couple of warm yoga classes.

I didn’t do hot yoga cause at that point I knew I wasn’t supposed to be in like really hot situations. They had a warm yoga class to help you loosen up but not raise your body temperature like crazy. The sickness hit me like a brick wall by the end of this week. I want to say about the end of week five. I was really ill. I was having trouble getting out of bed. I felt like walking my dog a half a mile in the morning was just too much, I was exhausted.

I felt exhausted all day. I also was sick all day. I was dry heaving, morning, noon and night. I was having trouble eating foods. The smell of almost anything was making me dry heave. I even walked outside one day and it was cold out and I breathe in really deeply and it made me throw up, it was just that everything was setting me off.

Early Pregnancy Stomach Flu

So it was a rough couple of weeks. Around week seven my husband got the stomach flu. We tried to kind of like stay quarantined from each other, but that’s almost impossible when you live with someone and you have to pass it out at the same doors and going out of the same bathroom and refrigerator.

So I ended up, ended up getting it two or three days before I had our appointment for our first ultrasound. So I, unfortunately, was really sick for about 48 hours. I had a fever and I was in bed for three days. I’m really miserable at this point. And I was just like, “man, this pregnancy is rough.” Pregnancy is no joke. I found out that when people say morning sickness, they can mean all day sickness. I was having a rough time. I just knew that I had to get through a couple more days and I could talk to my Doctor again. When I had talked to her originally, she had said that I might start to feel a little bit tired or low energy.

Extended Implantation Cramping

She also that I would, if I wasn’t already, experience cramping. I kind of thought it was okay as long as it wasn’t really accompanied by anything else. Because it could be implantation cramping. I was cramping and had been like that for over a week. Even though she said a couple of days it lasted almost 10 days for me. Right when I thought it was over, I felt like it started up again like after day four or five.

So I did have a lot of cramping in the beginning. I couldn’t wait to talk to her about my symptoms and just make sure everything was normal. I lost a little bit of weight when I was sick with the stomach flu too.

Twin Paranoia

So on the day that we went to our eight-week ultrasound, we were nervous and we went out to breakfast. I tried to get a little bit of something in me that could stay down.

I had some dry toast and I think some orange juice. I was just basically I was living on apple sauce and saltines and orange juice and oranges at this point.

So we have breakfast and someone else I knew at the time who is pregnant, had been like, “you know, I was so scared at my ultrasound, I kept thinking what if there’s more than one in there.”

And I just asked Matt, “are there twins in your family?”

And he said, “no, are there twins in yours?” I said, no, I don’t think so. We’re good.

I had this weird bout of paranoia on the way. We were so excited to just hear a heartbeat.

Our First Doctors Appointment

So, uh, we, we drive all the way there and I get to my appointment. When we get there I get weighed, my blood pressure taken and wed go into the ultrasound room and she’s asking me about how I’ve been feeling. I just relayed how rapid the symptoms had come on and she’s like, “you know, pregnancy can hit super hard.”

Some people get so sick that they ended up dehydrated in the hospital and then some people have no pregnancy symptoms at all.

For those people, that’s so lucky and amazing. And for anybody who ends up hospitalized from this, I’m so sorry! I can definitely see how that happens. It can get so rough just keeping stuff down. I mean, literally on the way driving to the appointment we had to pull over and I was dry heaving outside of the car. My heart goes out to you if you had it worse.

An Odd Looking Ultrasound

I told her about the symptoms and she told me everybody’s different because I was concerned that they had come on so early. But she assured me it’s just different for everybody.

We go into the ultrasound room and we have a transvaginal ultrasound because the babies were so small and they wanted to make sure they could get a really good picture of them.

My husband turned the light off in the ultrasound room and the doctor had the screen turn towards her and she’s looking and smiling. Then she turns the screen back to us and I see a flash on the screen and it didn’t look like the ultrasound pictures I had seen before. My husband, I could tell, was inquisitive about like what he was looking at. And then the doctor starts giggling.

Finding Two Babies on the Ultrasound

But in my head, I’m asking what could be funny. Like what can be happening in my uterus? Then she looks up and says “this is my third set of twins this week.” And I realize I’m looking at the screen and the flash in the middle of the screen are two lines a line down the center because there’s actually two sacks and two babies in the photo in the ultrasound.

So I was just really, really shocked at that point. I was like, “I’m sorry, what?”

And she’s just calm and says, “there’s two in there.” I Immediately think she’s joking! You know, reasonable right? And she looks at me and says she wouldn’t joke about this. At this point, I start panicking. I started to get up off the table. I’m sitting up, leaning forward, and she’s pushing me back down very gently and just telling me, “you’re okay, you’re okay.”

How I Felt When I Found Out I Am Having Twins

I just start bawling. Like I lose it. I’m overwhelmed with the news, I’m overwhelmed because I’m like something that I never thought that would happen all of a sudden just happened. And my husband’s just like…wow, there’s two. And he’s looking at me and I could tell he was being a rock and I’m just like losing it. So she’s going over to that. They’re measuring great. They each have their own little house. Which is super great because we want them to each other and blood supply and their own amniotic sack and it just brings down the risk. Even though all multiples are considered high risk, when they have our own sack and on the placenta and they’re not sharing anything, the risk goes down a lot. That all that was great news, but I was still like really shocked by the news in general.

Overwhelmed with Twins

I spent most of the rest of the ultrasound just with tears running down my face in totally in shock basically. Once she completed the ultrasound she went out to take a phone call and came back with some other literature for us to take home and read.

A nurse came in after as well and recommended that they up my iron intake. They took about, I swear, like eight vials of blood. I was on the table for so long and usually, I don’t do good with needles, but at this point, I was just like in a daze. It didn’t even matter. Like I was just like, oh, okay, whatever’s happening is happening.

I kept asking my husband, oh my gosh, what are we going to do? And he’s just calm and telling me “we’re going to have twins.” I keep asking him stupid questions like “do we know what we’re doing? Like we don’t even know how to help one baby, like much less two.”

My Husband is Calmer about Twins

Matt just keeps telling me we’re gonna have to figure it out and we will be ok. At this point, I’m just really appreciated that he like kept his calm and cool little time because I was losing it.

When the doctor came back into the room I had a little time to calm down a little. She’s asking me “Are you okay?” I’m like, “yeah, I think so.” She also made me feel better and told me that so many people react this way, it was so normal. Then she recommended that I start reading up on twins to get some information and make myself feel better.

After leaving the doctors office we called all of our family to let them know that not only were we pregnant, but we were also having twins. I felt like I was in a different world. There were a few people who knew we were pregnant at that point who were so excited to go and I’m trying to stay calm and tell them it’s twins but I’m emotional so it was still a very wild moment to have to say it out loud.

Dealing with Finding Out I am Having Twins

For two weeks after that, I would wake up just breathing heavy and sweating and be like, “oh my gosh, I’m having twins every single day.” I would just wake up and be like that just in a daze.

By our 12-week ultrasound, I definitely started making plans and adjustments and reading up on having twins. The first week I watched so many youtube videos, which actually inspired me to make a Youtube video and blog because I watch other people who were bloggers and YouTubers talk about their pregnancy finding out they were pregnant with twins. Their reaction made me feel like, wow, like everybody’s different. But it is a shocking thing and it’s exciting and it’s wild. But you’re just like having a normal reaction.

I felt kind of bad cause I was like so emotionally overwhelmed by it but at the time I was truly grateful as well. It was just such a earth rocking bit of information. Our whole world just doubled.

Finding Support on Youtube from Other Twin Moms

I hope this blog and video helps someone else who’s going through maybe the first couple of weeks after they just found out they’re pregnant with twins. This was the scariest, most exciting time of my life. Since then I’ve watched so many videos, and read so many blogs on what to expect in the second and third trimesters, lots of birthing blogs, and lots of first month’s blogs after twins are born.

It’s really encouraging and amazing to see other people going through this incredible thing. And all pregnancies are so incredible. I was already overwhelmed and like baffled that my body was creating a baby. But now to know that I’m creating two, I’m just like, “Whoa, I’m in a different world.”

So that is how we found out we were having twins!

At our 12-week ultrasound, we came back and the doctor said she was so happy to see me smiling. She said Most people leave crying when they find out twins and they come back happy. She was happy to see I had adjusted.

I definitely felt like I had definitely adjusted a lot. It was thanks to me reading a little more about it, truly understanding what we were about to go through, what we are embarking on and then also watching other people talk about their experience.

I plan on making a couple more videos and blogs in this series. I am creating one of my first trimester symptoms. I’m also going to do a second and third-trimester update and then I’m hoping to do just little videos on like what I’m eating now that I’m finally able to be eating more balanced and not just eating like oranges and toast all day. I’m also planning to create a blog and video for exercises I’m able to.

So excited to take you guys along on this journey. Thanks for stopping by and finding out how we found out we are having twins.

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