Processed Free Beauty

For those of you looking to switch to less processed beauty routine there are so many great choices out there and it’s worth looking into it. I did it because all aspects of what you put on and into your body affect you. Even though your skin is a barrier to the outside world, it is still porous and absorbent. So while we focus on making sure we put the least amount of artificial junk into our bodies through what we consume, it’s also good to take a look at the chemicals we expose our skin to everyday. For whatever reason you are doing it, don’t get discouraged if you do not know where to start.

The world of beauty is a vast array of marking campaigns and beauty products to help us feel good day to day. But further than that, it is our soaps, shampoos,  deodorants and lotions. It is the acne medicine and facial masks we buy to fix skin problems. It is the whitening toothpastes and nail polishes that make us look shiny and new. Now before you think I’m condemning using beauty products, especially soap, I want to say that in no way do I think that you shouldn’t use any of these things. Just as I am not here to say if you should eat meat, dairy, or wheat on a daily basis or not. The concept of this blog of course is to help you live a less processed life and in doing so just bring to light some of the things that might be affecting you.

If the focus is to take the chemicals and additives out of our bodies so we can live a healthier life by allowing our bodies to concentrate on the thing it does best, taking care of itself, then it doesn’t hurt to look at more than just diet. Whole and natural foods allow our bodies to work at it’s best and allows us to work on constantly healing and renewing ourselves. The same goes with things we use on our skin everyday.

Here are my top five trade outs:

Body Lotion

Coconut Oil. Yes, that simple. That swap was so easy and I really love this oil. It smells fresh and sweet. Plus, it’s found in most grocery stores. Go with Unrefined, Unprocessed coconut oil so that you get the most unprocessed form. Pick a Jar with a nice large mouth so you can get your hands in easily like this jar.


This was the second switch I made in my personal care routine. But it was a hard learning curve on what made my hair feel very clean and what left it feeling waxy or greasy. I love the brand Nature’s Gate and they have so many great options to pick from. I like calming shampoo for my hair and so does everyone else that uses it. I find mine at the store or on amazon which makes it easy to order.

Body Wash

Jason Brand is so great smelling and their company has been making natural products for years. My favorite scents are Lavender, Aloe Vera (the one currently in my bathroom), and my all time favorite Citrus. The citrus is very awakening and the Aloe Vera on is super soothing on my winter skin.


Well this one blew my mind. I started with Tom’s of Maine Fluoride and SLS Free because it was the closest to the toothpaste we were already using and is a great transition for kids and adults who are sensitive to taste.

I then transitioned to the Himalaya toothpaste, which my holistic health coach friend Taylor recommended. While I didn’t mind the earthy taste at all, my other half was not a fan and continued to buy Toms for a while.

Then the mother of all toothpastes hit my doorstep! The Dirt. It’s hands down the weirdest toothpaste, but the best tasting and most effective one I’ve tried. It’s cinnamon and some other spices flavored and does an amazing job of remineralizing my teeth. The reviews were nuts and I tried it, and needless to say, still addicted to the clean it gives my teeth. For those of you who are looking to try it, (if you do you’ll be hooked – ask all my friends and family!) they offer a one time 15% off code for new customers and you can get that by clicking here. <— You’re squeaky clean teeth can thank me later.


This category, I have to admit, was the hardest for me to make the switch. I have bottles and bottles of perfume and have done enough research to know that artificial scents can disrupt your endocrine and hormone disrupter. There for in order not to waste them, I only spray them on my coat now.

For perfumes that you can put on your skin, I found this amazing brand after trying their makeup. This perfume by Pacifica is safe on skin and won’t mess up you insides when you wear it. Smell good on the outside and stay healthy on the inside.

Each of these beauty products have so many natural alternatives that it is easy to find one if you want to look! Body Lotion and the use of unrefined and unprocessed coconut oil will be it’s own post because of the many uses and benefits of that product. I will also post on alternatives to all the other beauty products that you can find. If you have any other brands you swear by please leave them in the comments.

*Note, this blog contains affiliate links. I use each and every one of these products in my home and choose to use affiliate links as a way to help readers fund the cost of the blog. I am not sponsored by any of these brands as of the time of posting (even if I wish I was lol ). I enjoy providing this material for free, and you are under no obligation to support or buy through me, however for those of you who do, thank you for your support. Most of these products can be found in stores or online at their own websites and you can buy directly form them as well if you are interested. Thank you for your continued support of my blog so that I can keep providing free content for you.