Progress not Perfection

For those of you who have heard this speech a hundred times. It might be good to sit through it again. I have reminded myself, and written many times about the journey to your fittest self through diet and exercise, as well as striving and doing your best with out striving for perfection.

Every journey looks different. Every end result looks different. One person’s idea of perfect is different than another. So striving for the “perfect body,” the “perfect diet,” or the “perfect workout,” can put unnecessary stress on your lifestyle that is an ongoing process. Strive to do your best. Strive for health over a certain look. And strive to get away from wanting to be perfect.

Sometimes you will mess up your diet and have too much pizza. Three days in a row. Sometimes you will skip a work out. For your entire vacation. It’s always alright. No one is perfect. But we must never forget that our journey is a series of steps everyday that we take towards our goals. And if we take 10 steps forward one week and one step back, that doesn’t bring us back to step one. Set backs don’t mean starting over. They are just a few steps on a long path way. Remember that.

Remember to be good to yourself. To forgive yourself.  To believe in yourself. To love yourself. Even when you’re not “perfect.”