Shamrock Shake the Healthy Way

The Shamrock Shake has been a St Patty’s Day staple for years. This was originally made popular by McDonald’s with their seasonal shake that brought milkshake fans out in droves. And when it’s gone, people are disappointed and have to wait a whole year for the shake to make it’s way back on the menu.

But I decided that there had to be a way to make this fun dessert a little healthier. This was made with all the regular ingredients I have in my house. 


Now you may ask why I have mint chlorophyll drops just sitting on top of my refrigerator and I’ll explain so you don’t think I’ve lost my mind. 


Years ago I was introduced to a refreshing drink at a local juice bar. It a large mint green water with fresh lime in it. The ingredients were only water, chlorophyll, and lime juice. I had seen people taking chlorophyll supplements to help with minimizing body odor as they stopped using traditional deodorant as well as a way to support the bodies natural detoxification process overall. The drink was delicious, but it was also over $10 per bottle. 


While I have no problem supporting local business and got one each time I went and enjoyed time in their shop, I knew I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a bottle of enhanced water every single day. So after a little research, I found a small supplement company on Amazon who sold chlorophyll in dropper form with a subtle mint extract in it for flavor


So when it came in the mail and I mixed it into some freshly squeezed lime water, it tasted exactly the same and was just as energizing and refreshing as the original drink I love. I have kept it stocked in my house ever since so that it’s another way to flavor water and helps me drink more of it throughout the day. 


I also keep a stash of cashew ice cream because regular ice cream does not make me feel well when I eat it. Of all the nondairy choices of ice cream, cashew is my favorite. I have tried almond milk ice cream but it doesn’t have the consistency I like. And to make this recipe even creamier I used my everyday go-to vanilla vegan protein by Detox Organics.  


Feel free to add more of the chlorophyll drops to your recipe if you like a stronger mint taste, the recipe I post below has a light mint flavor. It also has a light green color. If you double the chlorophyll in the recipe the color will be deep green and a strong mint flavor will show through. 



½ cup vanilla cashew ice cream or ½ frozen banana 

1 scoop Detox Organic Vanilla Protein 

½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

1 full dropper of mint chlorophyll drops

1 cup ice

Top with enough water to match ice levels



  1. Add all of these ingredients into a blender and blend on high until a smooth, thick shake consistency. 
  2. Enjoy!


Share this recipe with a friend who loves the shamrock shakes or share how you’ve made your own version in the comments!