Smoothie Prep

We tend to buy bananas in huge bunches. I guess huge might be an overstatement but I do know that guests to our home are always shocked by the amount of bananas ripening on the counter.

When the bananas ripen to a perfect spotty brown it is time to peel and freeze them. The first thing we do is take pictures of these beauties. Then we peel them down. After making a mountain of peels we break each of these in half and store two bananas per freezer bag. It makes it easy when using bananas later on in smoothies. I usually makes smoothies with either half, one or two whole bananas. Pre-protioning them makes smoothie making very quick when I’m in a rush.

After we put all of the bananas in the freezer it’s time to break out all the new bananas. And then we just wait for them to ripen into more beautiful bananas!