Superfood Dessert: Sprouted Almond Butter

It’s that time of year when the snacks come out and all there is to grab are cookies, chocolates, and candies. But satisfying your dessert tooth can be healthy. This plate is perfect to leave out on the table for friends and family.

It can be a tad messy, but this sweet treat will have everyone grabbing for more.  In fact, I suggest a backup bowl of cut up apples and the jar of almond butter I use Claire’s Goodness sprouted almond butter.

Why Claire’s Almond Butter?

  • sprouted
  • speadable
  • organic
  • sweetened only with stevia
  • Only natural ingredients
  • savory cookie butter taste

The only ingredients are almonds, vanilla extract, sea salt and stevia. For me that’s a huge benefit. This is very simple yet delicious.

Why Sprouted Almonds?

The special thing about sprouting foods is that while cutting back on the natural gut hindering aspects of certain foods, it also makes the nutrients more available to your body as well.

While unaddressed, too many nuts might not add to gut health due to their digestive issues they can cause.

They are also powerhouses of nutrition. So by addressing the factors that limit absorption, it opens up these nuts to be a superfood that provides dense nutrition to the body. Superfood dessert? Yes, please!