The Best Detox Meal Replacement Breakfast Shake

Are Meal replacement shakes healthy?

I get asked this a lot, and I want to clear the air. Yes, meal replacement shakes can be healthy if they are done right, with a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates as well as a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. I would always say to make these yourself.

Stay clear of pre-made ones from the stores like Advocare meal replacement shakes, GNC meal replacement shake products and anything specifically labeled weight loss meal replacement shakes unless you 100% trust the ingredient deck.

Instead you have a way better, and just as simple option right in your kitchen for the best meal replacement shake.

What is the best Meal Replacement Shake?

I have talked a lot about detoxing, or more specifically helping your body detox by eating foods that naturally promote better liver function, digestions and cellular regeneration. Something I’m a big believer in is using a greens supplement. I’m an even bigger fan of using them as a meal replacement when you’re busy or just love easy breakfasts. To me, this is one of the essentials in building the best homemade meal replacement shakes. 

However, if you are like me, then finding one that doesn’t taste like you’re drinking pond water might be hard. I’ve tried a lot of brands, only because no matter how bad it tastes and how hard I might be gagging trying to get it down, I know it’s insanely good for me.

And that’s for two reasons. Eating a variety of foods is very good for you. Seasonally is best, but most people don’t do that. Also, sometimes depending on where you live, variety isn’t always abundant. That’s where superfood greens come in – usually boasting 20-30 powerful plants all together in one place. Not only will this make for a nutritionally sound meal replacement shake, it will also make it easier to include a lot of super foods with out having to buy them all separately. 

How to Make a Meal Replacement Shake

First you need to start with the right ingredients. So on my quest to find a superfood and greens blend that I could stomach I came across Detox Organics. Now, plenty of brands have said they taste good. I won’t call them out, but if it still tastes green, it’s not tasty enough. Then I tried Detox Organics and BOOM it was mind blowing. Unsweet almond milk and Detox Organics and it tastes EXACTLY like delicious, creamy chocolate milk.

But the Matcha in this recipe is another story. I’ve realized when I find Matcha that actually tastes good, often it has artificial stuff in it, too much sugar or coconut milk powder, which I’m allergic to. So it’s been plain Matcha for me.

I started mixing it with almond milk and raw honey which was very good with a few drops of vanilla all warmed up. However, once I started mixing it into my superfoods breakfast shake I realized it was the perfect addition to my morning.

I also want to talk about how adding matcha is good for your hormones. I find as a woman I am constantly looking for ways to keep my hormones healthy, and this is the perfect meal replacement shake for women looking to do just that. 

Breakfast Detox Meal Replacement Shake

1 Scoop Detox Organics

2 Scoops Morellifit Chocolate Protein

1 Serving Organic Matcha

1 Serving Organic Maca

1 Frozen Banana

1 handful of ice cubes

Almond milk – fill until it covers all ingredients (mine was 10 oz)

Blend all these ingredients together and enjoy!

I’m not even joking, I am always energized after taking it. It is the perfect start to my day and I get in all of my usual supplements in a super tasty way.

I added this to my morning routine, right after breaking my fast each day, and it’s the perfect way to start your day.

For those looking to enjoy your superfoods and greens you can try the detox organics at %15 off with code RACHAEL15 through their site. This is a full month supply and each scoop = 10 pounds of extracted fruits, veggies, and greens. And I have to say, I have tried so many of these and couldn’t stand the taste, but this is so different. It – tastes – just – like – chocolate.  No joke. 

The Best vegan Meal replacement shake

This supplement is also VEGAN and I wanted to let you know that if you’re vegan or plant based, you can make this into a vegan meal replacement shake just by switching the protein power to a chocolate plant based protein powder

I would love to hear your experience with greens, superfoods, and this morning detox when you try it!

What is the best meal replacement shake for weight loss?

I didn’t want to leave you without some information on using meal replacement shakes for weight loss. When looking for meal replacement shakes that say weight loss as well, your most likely looking at very processed products that use artificial colorings, flavorings, and sugars to keep them low calorie. 

The best way to make a meal replacement shake for fat loss is the have a shake like this and use half of a banana to take the calories down a bit if it’s more than you’re usually eating. This shake is very natural and nourishing and naturally will promote weight loss to a healthy weight for your body from consuming whole foods.