Top 3 Surprising Facts About Having a Thyroid Condition

I am one day into the Thyroid Documentary and already I’m just blow away with the amount of information about thyroid disorders that I did not know, and most people are not informed about. In fact there were three things that really stood out to me about the confusing world of thyroid disorders.

1. There are Multiple Types of Thyroid Disorders

While I thought that there was just hyper or hypothyroidism to deal with, there actually is a list of different disorders. Hashimoto’s, Graves, Thyroid Cancer, Thyroid Nodules, Goiter…and the list goes on. 

Part of the issue of diagnosing thyroid disorders is not only the plethora of symptoms that can occur, but also the lack of information inside the medical community when properly diagnosing what type of thyroid problem people are dealing with.

2. The Medical Treatments and Medications can Have Horrible Side Effects

After hearing women’s stories on what their doctors recommended for treatment, it seems that cost and insurance often plays a bigger role in what treatment is recommended instead of what is really the best for the patient. Aside from testing being invasive, one treatment includes basically going inside of the thyroid and blowing it up. This is a procedure that uses radioactive iodine.

To add to the stress of having to go through treatment, many women during the interviews expressed how often they were given too much medication up front which lead to more issues popping up on top of what they were already suffering from.

3. The Toll Thyroid Disease Takes is Wider Spread Than Just Health

One of the saddest parts of the documentary so far has been the personal stories of women and men who’s spouses and families suffered from thyroid diseases. Some symptoms that were common were uncontrollable anxiety, mood swings and no energy. For those dealing with anxiety and mood swings, often their families were affected by emotions they had no control over.

One woman even said he husband didn’t believe it was a disease at all and though she was just lazy because of her crippling fatigue.

Although some people were worried about losing their health, others also had to worry about losing their relationships as they struggled with this disease. The one woman is now divorced and attributes the toll the disease took as a major factor in her divorce.

Overall I was able to learn a lot more about thyroid disease, including the toll it takes on the person suffering and the people around them. Emotionally, this documentary proves that disease is more than just something that affects the body. Listening to these stories and understanding the affect on lives, families, and communities proves that it’s worth taking a deeper look into thyroid disease further than it has been studied.

If you are interested in watching the series, you can still sign up to get this documentary emailed to you. It will be up for the next 8 days and you can watch it for free and share this information with your friends and family that you think could use this knowledge to improve their health. The series will go into natural solutions for thyroid disease that you can start using right away to improve your life one day at a time.