Twin High Chair Review: IKEA Antilop

Deciding on the Right High Chair For Our Twins

The boys are now 7 months and they are officially eating baby food purée. That meant we needed to find a high chair. It took us a long time to find one. The reason it took us so long is that we turned our living room/dining room space into one huge living room. 

We did not have a set table. We will be eventually getting a dining room set but until then we had to figure out the space to get two high chairs in it. We ended up looking through several options and narrowing it down from there. 

I was struggling with how big high chairs are. Traditionally, the wide bases make them take up a massive amount of floor space. Then I was thinking about that multiplied by two. This is not something that the babies can share. We have to feed them at the same time. 

When we went out looking for high chairs, I was surprised by just how large the bases were. They were also so heavy. The trays are big, too, so I was just struggling with where we were going to find room for two giant high chairs. 

On top of that, where would we store them that was out of the way when they were not in use? We have a patio and we live in a very warm area but it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep them outside all the time. 

One of the options was to possibly get foldable high chairs. We looked at some of the big high chairs that convert from a high chair to booster seat to kid’s chair, which I thought was neat, but they tended to be the biggest and bulkiest options. We also looked at some of the foldable chairs, but these tended to be on the expensive side or the reviews of the functionality were not great. I found one that collapsed on itself, but every review said that once babies start kicking, the tray release is in the front of the tray so this normal baby activity would pop the tray off. Our babies are very bouncy and always kicking and moving so I knew that one wouldn’t work for us. 

So how did I find the chairs we ended up going with?

When I was pregnant, we were walking through IKEA and I saw a $19 chair with a $10 tray and a $5 seat cushion. I thought it looked so small and easy to take apart. I was just worried because I had never seen anyone with this high chair. Everyone else had the bigger high chairs. I did also realize that I had never seen anyone with two high chairs in their house either.

What’s really funny is that a YouTuber I follow, who had her first baby right before we had the twins, had this high chair. They did a whole video on the high chair and getting accessories for it. They shared how they decked out the legs to match their design in their home and shared a company that makes accessories specifically for the IKEA high chair. 

The company is called Yeah Baby Goods and they also have several Etsy shops that sell the accessories to the high chair so you can make it unique and personalized. 

It was so cute sitting in their kitchen and fit their little baby just fine. There is still plenty of room for the baby to grow into it as well. 

After checking out the yeahbabygoods page on Instagram, I saw they featured a lot of other moms of multiples that used their products and were using the IKEA high chair as well. There were twin moms showing how they decorated the high chairs and they ended up so cute with the cushion covers and footrests. There was even a quadruplet mom who was using these cute little accessories with this high chair. 

The one thing they all said was that they come apart nicely and stack. I was sold! 

Honestly, that was the biggest thing we needed. We needed something stackable, lightweight, and easy to clean. I noticed that these chairs didn’t have all these crevices and seams. It was easy to wipe off and unzip to throw into the washer. 

I was sold after those reviews. We went to IKEA and got the Antilop set. 

Assembling the High Chairs

You’ll need to get the chair base and legs, the tray and the seat cushion and cover. It’s easy to break down once it’s put together as well which meant we could take it apart and bring it to a friend’s house or our family’s houses when we visit. We can easily pop the legs and trays off quickly to put them into the car. 

We ended up getting one set of covers but now realize we will probably grab a second set so we can wash them more often. I also want to grab a footrest as well for the babies as they grow. You can move the footrest down as it is adjustable. I think it just adds a little level of comfort for the babies to set their feet on something. 

There are also silicone mats that fit perfectly in the tray. The boys are way too messy for those to make a difference for us but they do make the high chair cute by changing the color or the tray top. If your baby isn’t mashing avocado into the harnesses like our twins do then these probably will help make clean up easier. 

One Month Review

We have been using this high chair for over a month. The boys are eating purees and some super soft foods for baby-led weaning as well. These high chairs have been great. 

These are easy to clean. We snap off the tray and rinse it in the sink. Then we can just wipe down the rest of the chair and the harness. We have a split sink and these fit into one side perfectly. Other high chair trays would probably not fit in one side so that was a nice surprise. 

The seat covers are easy to wipe down and when they get really messy we just zip them off and put them into the washer. 

If you are looking for a mega affordable, easily stackable, easily washable high chair with a secure tray – this is it. Plus all the cute accessories make it so much fun to personalize for your home and your style. 

This is something I might have passed on if I had not seen so many parents of multiples with this high chair. They had nothing but good things to say and them loving the high chair made it a no brainer for me. I probably should have started by asking for recommendations from someone with twins, triplets, or quadruplets about what to do about more than one high chair. 

Now I keep seeing these pop up on other twin mom blogs and YouTube channels and it just reaffirms that I am not alone in wanting something easy to store and space-saving. 

All of the other high chairs were between $80 and $150 and these both came in together at less than the price of one of the other ones.

IKEA Antilop Pros: 



Easy to clean


Cute to accessorize 



IKEA Accessories: 

Cushion covers

Silicone tray covers

Adjustable footrests

Custom leg covering 

I hope you like this blog. Below you can watch the video of our review. Be sure to check this out and all of the great shops with the accessories. 

Website for cushion covers, silicone mats, and footrests: Yeah Baby Goods

Etsy shop cushion covers: Little Tall Poppy

Etsy shop silicone mats: LCCafforabuys

Happy feeding your babies! Let me know in the comments – what high chairs work the best for you and your little ones? What ones would you recommend to someone with a small space?